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Wedding Registry Poll #1

So I’m about to start writing on parties, showers and registries and need a little help. This week I’ll be posting a series of short polls and would love your input. Mom and I are trying to get a feel for current trends and thoughts related to wedding registries and showers. If you have about 10 seconds to answer the question below, that would be great. And if you want to leave a comment to explain your answer, that would be great too (but is not required. Well none of this is required…but so helpful!).

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  1. I did not register for it because a) I knew I would maybe use it once a year and b) I also knew I would get my mom’s someday. Which is something I look forward to!!

  2. I didn’t register for it because I didn’t think anyone would purchase it for us, and I knew neither of us were the entertaining sort. I also figured I’d get my grandma’s one day, and now I have it…packed in cases, waiting for the little people to be old enough to have it/use it in the house.

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