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During naptimes and between loads of laundry I’m a writer. Most of the time, though, I’m going back and forth between pretending to be a cheetah wrangler and a super-hero with my two small kiddos. Along with my loving husband, Erik, I’m blessed to be a member of Community Bible Church in Nashville, TN.

I frequently find myself hearing the voice of a former teacher asking, “What does this matter in light of eternity?” In my writing and in my life I seek to ask that question daily.

If my immortal Savior lives

Then my immortal life is sure

His word a firm foundation gives

Here let me build and rest secure

-Anne Steele

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  1. Refreshing to read someone encouraging couples to have a Gospel-centered wedding! Thank you! Enjoyed browsing your blog.

  2. I had no idea that this site existed. I know positively the Lord led me here. Why? To allow me to exhort my wonderful niece and thank her for the convictions she lives daily. May God continue to cast His wonderful blessings on you and your family. Tony


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